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Hajime Shimada, wearing his newly purchased Apple Watch, reacts as he tries to use it in front of Dover Street Market Ginza in Tokyo on Friday.

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Oh look, it's time to go home and charge my watch before the battery runs out.

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Hajime Shimada...? who's he?

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Hajime Shimada...? who's he?

Mr and Mrs Shimada's son.

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A customer

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In Australia if you are caught checking the time on your Apple watch while driving you will get charge with dangerous driving. You can only check the time if it is item is classed as a blue tooth device

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I thought I saw on the advance order page that if you reserve a watch you can't get it until June. There were something like millions of reservations within just an hour of opening, which proves that Apple is yet again revolutionizing the industry, and while this time they were not first to come out with the product (Samsung rushed to release it's inferior product once the news of Apple's impending release came out so they could say they were first), they are the only one to be known and will lead the pack easily. So much for those who said Apple won't be able to catch up to Samsung and... what was that other company's watch? bing? pang? I forget.

As for me, like I said, I'll wait a bit, and even then not sure I'll get one -- health functions aside it's ultimately just an accessory, especially if you already have an iPhone and/or iPad.

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Hajime Shimada...? who's he?

ModeratorApr. 24, 2015 - 01:41PM JST A customer

Maitta na ! thank you Mod. :)

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@Smithjapan: indeed, the watches are available via online order, to be delivered between May and June. However, Apple selected some upscale stores in upscale cities to sell the watch directly, Tokyo among them.

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"tries to use it" hahahah... this is going to be apples biggest flop in recent history, I can't believe they didn't learn from the ipod. The ipod wasn't popular at all when it first came out because only people will apple computers could use it.

Apple made a watch that only iphone users can use. Perhaps that is their plan, they know apple fanboys will buy anything and will 100% but v2 when it comes out.

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When asked if the nanobot spiders attacking him all over his jacket are actually controlling the watch, Mr Shimada did not comment

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Time is a flat square.

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A horrendously designed piece of overpriced tat that only people with more money than common sense will acquire. I pity them, I really do.

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Hajime Shimada, wearing his newly purchased Apple Watch, reacts as he uses the device to successfully maneuver his second drone to an optimal position outside a leading politician's office.

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Whoever Mr Shimada is, why has he scribbled a cross on his expensive suit sleeve?

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Apple is yet again revolutionizing the industry

That's really stretching the meaning of "revolution." By that definition, I revolutionize fashion every I time I change my socks.

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This product will certainly transform Mr. Shimada's identity.

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gogogo: "The ipod wasn't popular at all when it first came out because only people will apple computers could use it."

HAHAhahaha!!! I can just imagine you sticking to your Sony Sports cassette player and pouting because of the OUTSTANDING success and unquestionable superiority of Apple products. Or maybe you're upset because they helped with the demise of the mini-disc player. But hey, I didn't hear you talking 'learning' from the iPhone. Must have been because of it's outstanding success as well, not to mention the fact you're busy using a phone that copied it. iPad as well. And you're going to be sadly mistaken if you think this is going to be a flop. It's already a giant success in pre-orders alone. So how's that a flop?

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It's not my thing, but if Mr. Shimada is happy then I'm happy for him. I get excited when a movie I'm waiting for finally opens, so I think I get his feeling.

Rock on, Mr. Shimada!

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I got one. I like it. Not sure it's worth the money, but it works well.

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Apple is yet again revolutionizing the industry LOL thats my laugh for the day, theres nothing revolutionary about a computer watch. the only thing revolutionary is how many people get shafted a premium price for an average product.

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That watch is garbage. Seriously.

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I can understand how people may not like Apple, and I can understand how people may think the watch is overpriced (I think it's overpriced), but to say it's garbage? You obviously haven't seen/touched one. It's a solid little thing, well made, and no bugs that I can see yet. Extremely user friendly, and a nice smooth interface.

Maybe it's not your cup of tea, but it's definitely not garbage.

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smithinjapan: You need to take off your apple glasses, the ipod didn't sell well the first 2 years, look it up, people bought it took it home and returned it when they found out you needed itunes and an apple computer to use it. These are just facts. It wasn't until itunes was developed for windows did the ipod start to sell.

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