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We have been swindled! Never again! Nothing is more important than safety.

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Where are the youth? The youth of Japan, not so much apathetic as seemingly unaware of the future that awaits if the current path does change. Fukushima, is more than a warning, it is a portent.

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3/11 quake and tsunami deaths: 15,899

Fukushima radiation exposure deaths: 1

Annual deaths attributable to air pollution in Japan: 42,600

Annual deaths due to air pollution have risen steadily each year since 2011, now at +9,000/yr over that baseline. Source:

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Life styles altered/destroyed/ evaporated by Fukushima radiation exposure: Lots. And ten years later, ongoing: Fukushima refugees still living in ‘temporary’ housing; suicides caused by the evacuation because of the radiation; ancestral homes, farm land and animals, and pets abandoned; bank accounts wiped out in an attempt to move everything to a place where refugees can start over; bullying of refugees because they’re ‘tainted’.

The effects of Fukushima’s radiation cannot be limited to how many deaths it caused. How many deaths attributed to air pollution resulted in entire towns emptying out and forced to live in temporary housing? Probably 0.

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The ongoing troubles of Fukushima refugees are of course real and tragic. But for most of the issues in your list, borscht, the finger should be pointed at the Japanese government and at Japanese society itself rather than nuclear power. But I'm sure they're happy for you and everyone to keep looking in the wrong direction.

The argument in your second paragraph is simply too specious to address seriously.

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Beware those who advocate nuclear energy/power.

Vested interests often lie beneath such positive representations.

Well done to the protesters.

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Beware those who advocate nuclear energy/power.

Vested interests often lie beneath such positive representations.

I've been waiting for my first nuke check for 10 years now...

Does anyone seriously think that the coal and LNG industries aren't actively creating the false antagonism between renewables and nuclear, and laughing their a**es off at everyone gobbling it up?

The two together they are the only approach that will keep us from cooking ourselves out of existence as we know it. Actual climate scientists and serious discussions of climate change readily acknowledge the role of nuclear in any attractive timeline for human society.

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Feel free to sit in your homes shivering from cold and having only cold water and a small candlelight, while even that already produces CO2. No, that’s only a lifestyle for a few people at a few places, but you can’t solve the whole global energy problems with a rising population in many countries and without producing usable energy out of whatever you like with having no negative side effects at all. That’s not possible. If you completely avoid problems with one energy mix component, in this case nuclear power, you’ll have more problems with the other methods. The same if you go for zero CO2, then you’ll get even more problems again with nuclear power and such. You all become happy and take all the candles and the big rest is happy too with their nuclear energy and some CO2. How about that? lol

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Nuclear energy can be very green ( and it produces a lot more and a lot cheaper energy than solar/wind.

Japan should relaunch all of it's nuclear stations and gradually upgrade them with safer reactors if it want's to continue it's industrial and economic growth.

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@Toasted Heretic

Beware those who advocate nuclear energy/power.

Vested interests often lie beneath such positive representations.

And you're proposing what?

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Haven't Japan learned???.

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Nuclear technology is very powerful!

Can run ships without refuel for 30+ years.

How much fossil fuel would you need for 30+ years to run aircraft carrier?? Insanse numbers! !

Nuclear technology is the most powerful source of energy humans have invented Ever!

Zichi your wrong sir. 100% you are wrong. Nuclear technology this is just the beginning! We had a primitive understanding on safety for a long time, reactors built in the past was focus on making bombs too. Not enough safety in place. Not enough research and development was done.

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