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Anti-Olympic protest


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Yes!!! ………….IOC is the most corrupt organization in the Universe.

No more public money the them anywhere and the top IOC leaders should go to prison.

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Word up!! Power to the people!!!

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what a "demokurashiiiiiii"

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Olympics is highway robbery of taxpayers and the middle class.

It's a hundreds of billions of JPY giveaway to the IOC so they can sell advertisements.

And it's a massive redistribution of wealth upward to property owners who can extract more from the middle class with higher rent prices...

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Just to be clear, I don’t have anything against the Olympics, just that, if it is held here again, it should be entirely self-funded through ticket-sales and sponsorship deals. Not a single yen of tax payers money should be thrown at it again.

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Unless the good folks of Sapporo and Hokkaido make a big stink out of this it will only be seen as a sign of acquiescence. The anti-Olympics movement has to start now, and not 10 days before the opening ceremony.

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"The IOC is a bunch of thieves.

SO TRUE! But unfortunately the LDP is in power and birds of a feather flock together.

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Pathetic attempt at protesting. This ragtag rabble deserve the law to come down hard on them. Most decent Japanese support the Olympic movement and Sapporo's new dream to host another winter Olympics.

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Just keep it to a yearly competition for individual sports in (Different Places)

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The people don't have a say and the vast majority won't raise their voices. This protest is just falling on deaf ears.

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Totally agree, it's a scam at the very least.

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AGREED, the Olympics are outdated and a massive money scheme, they need to be stopped

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Can’t believe anyone in Japan would want anything to do with this scam after the last debacle. Many people in this country really struggling and it’s only going to get worse, yet they want to throw away billions of taxpayers yen on this - again?! It’s an absolute joke!

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Friend of a friend works for a general contractor in their Sapporo office - according to this guy the Sapporo Olympics has been a done deal for months and the big boys have their noses firmly in the public money trough already. There was never any chance of a public referendum. That's demokurashi!

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This Olympic demonstration having too little attention even when compared to anti mask demonstration.


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The protesters demanded Japan drop its bid for Sapporo to host the 2030 Winter Games.

Meanwhile the LDP in Sapporo won't even allow it to come to a vote and cite their highly suspicious polling as approval.

Democracy in action in the G7.

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