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Anti-summit rally


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Picture of the day,

The bitter and twisted united by fear and loathing, even the mere thought, the slightest efforts of there President Yoon Suk Yeol genuine diplomacy demands protest.

Witness the political reality to years of festering resentment handed down, passed on generation after generation.

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South Korea and Japan trying to find solutions are good, not bad. The hate must end on both sides. Enough is enough.

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Let's move forward not stay in the past.

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Poor victims of Korean national cult which implants hatred into brains of genuine people to the level where they lose humane conscience, or wills to try to dig deeper into perfect narratives. For those anti-Japan tribalists, lying doesn't matter at all and convenient one of tactics for winning.

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Those protesters are counter productive and like to be victims of the past.

They are likely brainwashed by the leftists who are worshiping the most reclusive North Korean regime or wrongly self educared.

The 2 Countries should be building a relationship for the mutual benefits of themselves for the next generations.

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