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Anti-Syrian gov't protest


A masked Syrian living in Japan and his supporters display defaced images of Syrian President Bashar Assad during a protest rally in front of the United Nations office in Tokyo on Sunday.

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Time may be running out. I think that what were seeing right in front of our eyes today is likely going to become the war spoken of in Isaiah 17 where Damascus is taken away from being a city and becomes a ruinous heap. Isaiah spoke of it as a burden and of course it was and is. Anytime you believe that millions could soon die it is no fun to warn people about it. I wrote a book that contains information about salvation and prophecy, in the word of God, and it also contains information about Isaiah 17 and several other things I believe are important for everyone to know. It really is free, I don’t even accept donations, it’s just the word of God that I hope you will read. It’s short, only about 7 pages so it won’t take up much time at all. I urge you to have a look: http://www.booksie.com/religion_and_spirituality/book/richard_b_barnes/after-the-rapture-whats-next

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Man up and show your face tough guy!

And To the above poster: guess you have never heard Christopher Hitchins speak eh?

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Maybe they can get the Japanese government to launch an attack on Assad's forces.

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I'm surprised some people want something to be done. Last time I checked the majority was against the US from helping. I understand that the US jumped to suddenly to conclusions before any hard evidence. Eventually, after taking the proper procedures they might be able to assist them, but it still amazes me that they want help after all the hard criticize m people gave to the one's who were willing to help.

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Let's just be honest, no one likes a strong nation, moreover a 'superpower'. It's like being a supermodel, you provide an image of perfection yet you're criticized for presenting an 'unrealistic' expectation. To humanely resolve Syria is proving difficult for politicians because justifying installing a government theses days is Expensive, Unpopular with the public, and Intrusive to nations providing support.

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The Chronic: Man up and show your face tough guy!

Why, so that he can be identified by pro-government forces and potentially have family members back in Syria attacked? Yeah, what a wuss.....

On 7 February 2012, the Berlin Police arrested alleged members of the Syrian intelligence on suspicion of monitoring Syrian opposition members living in Germany. Foreign Minister Westerwelle insisted that Germany would not tolerate such activities on German soil. Two days later, four members of the Syrian embassy were expelled from the country on the grounds of alleged espionage as well.

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Chronic, you should talk.

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