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Anti-Trump rally


Protesters hold placards at a rally against U.S. President Donald Trump in Tokyo's Shibuya district on Sunday. About 100 protesters attended the rally.

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Hopefully, none of those twits were US Military or Military Dependents. Inquiring minds are probably viewing the tapes, people who work for AFOSI, Army CID, and so on. As the poster says: Don't BE That Guy.

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I wish I had been able to find out about this protest in time to join in. Either the organizers did a poor job of publicizing it or someone else (like the google) did a better job of NOT publicizing it. I started searching before the nepotist-daughter-in-chief arrived in Japan, and I would have protested against nepotism, too, if I could have.

Anyway, the only protest I could find was an evening event near Shinjuku. There were a few hundred people there for the speechifying part. The march part lasted an hour. I'd say most of the participants were 中核派, which is exactly NOT what I wanted. I want to join "Extreme Moderates Against Trump", but apparently that's not allowed and does not exist.

While I didn't understand much of what went on, I think I was inspired to correct and update the ol' pledge of allegiance to suit the era of DJT:

"I pledge allegiance to the Donald for the greater profits of the Trump Organization, and to the Putin whom he fears, half a nation under #PresidentTweety, divided, with lip service and judges for all #BolshevikRepulbicans."

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Is it me. Anyone wonder who paid these American protesters airline tickets.Flying to japan isn't exactly cheap

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No Japanese and probably few to no actual Americans.

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I can't think of anything more rude or narcissistic than publicly protesting your own government in your host country. The Japanese populace has next to nothing to do with US domestic issues, and forcing them to have to see/listen/endure signs, bullhorns, chants and pink pussy hats shows a level of self-absorption the protestors have but fail to see for themselves.

What good will protesting your government in a very crowded space in Tokyo (which Trump probably will not even pass by, unless I'm missing something) do for your cause? The only immediate effect it will have is to make the Japanese think of Americans as loudmouthed, insensitive, know-it-alls who have no qualms at disrupting the mood and flow in Tokyo in order to further their own goals. Goals that have nothing to do with the Japanese passersby that have to endure the loud Americans.

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Trump 2020!

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Chair of Democrats Abroad Japan here.

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@Amy Braun

Unfortunately it's not that simple. The police are not in any position to determine whether your protest as a foreigner is too political or whether it will negatively affect Japan's interests in foreign relations. This is a matter for the Minister of Justice to consider when he evaluates your next visa application, and for the courts if you disagree. The fundamental thing to remember is that foreigners do not share the same rights (or consequences) as Japanese citizens when it comes to participating in political protests. I recommend googling 'McLean Case Japan' to find a very readable article in the Japan Times by the law professor Colin Jones which explains this in more detail.

I have no problem with foreigners protesting in Japan, but I think they should be made aware of the risks. Especially if they have a family and an entire life in Japan. Some might prefer safer ways of effecting change.

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I don’t see any Japanese people among the protesters, just low-T expat soy boys.

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M3M3M3, this protest was arrange legally between the Tokyo Police and the protesters. The protesters didn't set up camp and just protest. They got the permits.

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Doing this is not without its risks. All foreigners should know that if you protest a foreign government in Japan (even your own) it can be used as a legitimate reason to deny your next visa renewal. It's happened before with foreigners protesting US bases and was deemed entirely legal by the courts. Your freedom of speech only prevents the government from immediately cancelling your current visa. Of course, Trump is so unpopular that I would be surprised if anything happened.

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Great picture; great people.

Trump's not fit to share the same soil as them.

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I went to Shibuya to buy a space heater and happened to see it. Predictably, very few Japanese bothered to look up from the mobile phones, even for something as rare as Americans demonstrating in a public venue.

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