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A woman with a parasol stands in front of the replica of the Statue of Liberty at Odaiba in Tokyo. Hot weather hit the Kanto region on Saturday as temperatures rose to 34 degrees Celsius.

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Waiting for a date ?

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A heat wave bored me stiff!

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Dazed and confused?

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OK, how many of these Statues of Liberty are there in Japan?

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Good on the French for making a gift of the Statue to the USA.... and good on the USA for giving the Statue such a fantastic Pedestal and Location. I'm happy to see any copies... no matter where they are. Unlike the Egyptians who ban any reproductions of their Pyramids for fear less people will visit their country.

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odd picture. TOO HOT. Glad to get out in Aug and miss the real heat this year!!

Patricia Yarrow

There are approximately 23,000 statues of liberty in Japan. Seriously.

Just go by any love-hotel area and you will see that approximately 10% of love hotels have a statue of liberty. Since there are 220,000 love hotels, the calculation is easy. It gets bumped up to 23000 because of the odd restaurant and marriage hall (fake church) which also occasionally use statues of liberty.

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And in the background: The Eiffel Tower

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There is only one replica of Statue of Liberty made in France from 1998. This is offically from French Government.

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A sign I've been here too long: see a Statue of Liberty and immediately think of pachinko ...

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