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A drone picks up a pair of shoes during a presentation by the Crocs footwear company in Tokyo on Thursday.

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Shoplifters' delight.

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I'd give it a weighty challange, "Drone, bring me a pair of size 8, fourteen hole, steel-capped docs !"

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... " and dump them in the trash"

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This has been all over TV the last week, but it's just so lame. "Let's put our shoes on a needlessly high shelf somewhere, then have people tap buttons on a tablet and stand there and wait for a drone to go get the shoes and drop them in a bucket. THE FUTURE OF SHOPPING." Obviously it's just a marketing gimmick, but still pretty dumb.

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Drones are cool.

Crocs are very dasai.

I'm confused by this photo.

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Retrenched Crocs sales staff will have to settle for cheaper Chinese-made Croc knock-offs

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This is the future. I am very much looking forward to seeing this being a reality.

They are going to have to impose a pretty solid set of rules though, to stop the drones being robbed / shot down, however.

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surely they can find a human to do this job and employ someone or

Is this the alternative to importing cheap, unskilled labour
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