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Looks like a major trip hazard

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Lokks like the arse end of a Dalek and is probably about as customer-friendly. Since 27.2% of the population of Gifu is over 65 one wonders how many will either understand what the "robot" is or how to use it.

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Can’t that female member of staff just give the information?

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applicationsHow about being able to do all of town hall  online and save the trip to the town hall in the first place?

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Interesting photo of the robot in the middle of the lady with her hands on her front while that salary dude has his hands behind him.

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Domo Arigato, Mister Roboto!

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It is very doubtful that this device uses "artificial intelligence". It will simply do things it's been programmed to do.

As TokyoTelegraph suggests, many bureaucratic tasks at the town hall could probably be streamlined so as to not require attendance in the first place.

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