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U.S Army soldiers and Japan Ground Self-Defense Force personnel salute during the opening ceremony of the Japan-U.S. Bilateral Command Post Exercise in Saitama on Monday.

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The purpose of this exercise (CPX) is to provide training for the staff members on both the Japanese and U.S. sides, and to improve procedures for cooperation and coordination between the U.S. Army and the Japan Ground Self Defense Force. Better understanding and a fine relationship between the two (the JGSDF and the U.S. Army) which will be achieved through training will be beneficial for effective combined efforts against any emergencies.

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When are we going to change the ACU colors either back to woodland or at least an updated digital format of this. There are so so many new patterns out there that are far more multifunctional in different terrains than the urban looking ACU.

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Come do some exercises in Kyoto!

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What is the difference between attention and attenhut?

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What is the difference between attention and attenhut?

The difference is attention is the position you are standing, attenhut is the order to stand at attention.

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