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One of the main justifications for the Olympics is to inspire us and our children to be better people, to be more active and work toward our dreams.

It's not the fault of the Australian team, but I personally get very little inspiration from this.

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Spirit? Does that include the natives too?

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Why, are they in Japan? The strictures dictated by the JOC/IOC claimed no athletic teams from foreign countries would arrive until shortly prior to the games?

Inspiration for what and how?

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Why are they wearing masks? - they are in the middle of a stadium which is 90% empty. Oh that's right, the cameras are there so its pretend time.

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Westerners imitating "kawaii" J-schoolgirl poses is pure cringe.

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Westerners imitating "kawaii" J-schoolgirl poses is pure cringe.

Live and let live, ego sum whatever... hahahahaha!!!..

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fantastic - can't wait to see some of these athletes in competition

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Good luck ladies! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Ai ai ai!

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