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Japanese unites with nature.

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Best fall of the world !!!..

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Way too crowded to be pleasant

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Way too crowded to be pleasant

I was there yesterday. it was great.

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Too bad the "berries" have such strong smell when they accumulate and are stepped by the people, pictures are nice, taking a stroll with that smell continuously around not so much.

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Yep, ginkgo trees can stink, in case anyone is thinking of planting one in the garden. I can't remember if its the male or female. Plenty of other trees go bright yellow in autumn, if that's the colour you want. Birches for example. Dankoubai (Japanese spice bush) would be a smaller example.

Being in a crowd is not my idea of appreciating nature, but I think this photo shows the need for green spaces in cities and the importance of protecting the ones we have already.

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Wonderful fall colors. Is this the area that Koike and Mitsui want to bulldoze?

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bear...it is.

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Looks like a place to go to but definitely not the time to go there with that crowd! With that number of people in that small area is definitely not exciting… but just watching the head of other humans in front of you and their backside is fun for some people who enjoy these crowded area in Tokyo!

Japan ( in fact just a few minutes by train from downtown Tokyo area ) has so many beautiful places which are not crowded if only the people make an effort to go there! But people in Tokyo just stick to their usual crowded spots!

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