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Autumn blaze


A woman takes a picture of autumn foliage at Hibiya Park in Tokyo

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Beautiful picture. At first I thought it would be better with the woman (taking a picture) not in it and the foliage clearer, but as it is I think it works, and the contrast of the in focus elements and out of focus elements really adds to it.

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This is why many people recommend visiting Japan during koyo (fall foliage) season. It's especially spectacular at national parks like Nikko and Hakone.

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Momiji (Maple Foliage) season ! Beautiful fall in Japan !

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Autumn Foliage in Japan beautiful...I like Kyoto!

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Stunning !

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It is so beautiful. I think this is the best season travel in Japan. I live in Okinawa in Japan but I have never seen colored leaves. So I want to see it someday. In generally famous spots are Kyoto, Nikko and Kamakura. You can feel old Japanese cultures. If you go to there in autumn you will see it.

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