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Autumn glory


Autumn in the bamboo forest in Kyoto's Arashiyama.

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Great pictures!

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I have a student who drove all the way from Kochi to Kyoto just to see the autumn leaves in Arashiyama, so it must be quite a sight. However I will never understand why Japanese people do this. I can see autumn leaves every time I go for a run. For people in big cities where they trim the trees I can understand why they might want to go to the countryside to enjoy nature in autumn, but not in a small city like Kochi where you can see trees everywhere if you just get out of the city a little bit. Plus, the popular places are so crowded, it kind of defeats the object. For us westerners I suppose we are so used to seeing different coloured leaves in autumn even in the city that it's not particularly special for us.

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Nice.. doesn't look like bamboo to me.

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'Autumn in the Bamboo Forest' sounds odd, but just up and around Arashiyama there is lots of bamboo and also deciduous forest which gives the area a nice lightness well conveyed in these photos.

We drove from Kochi to Iya, not to see autumn leaves (which we could not avoid) but to have a bath. Lots of autumn leaves had fallen in the outside one. But down in Oboke and Koboke (大歩危 & 小歩危) autumn leaves were spectacular against the folded granite

So much nicer than another artificial Chtistmas tree in a city business district.

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When asked about our favourite places to visit in Autumn, I believe I put Arashiyama first on my list !

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Stunning ! Mother Nature at her absolute best !

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I love properly composed pictures.

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Beautiful. Maybe Arashiyama would be a nice little trip for next year.

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