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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, right, walks away after being greeted by Chinese President Xi Jinping during a welcoming ceremony at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, inside the International Convention Center at Yanqi Lake, in Beijing, on Tuesday.

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it was pretty transparently forcefully cold on the part of the Chinese official I thought.. but thats the political game I guess

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Not very neighborly - Xi didn't even smile back while reluctantly shaking hands. Xi Jinping and China seem to be the ones who don't want any dialogue among neighbors. So if there's no dialogue, it's because China doesn't want no dialogue.

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Take 10 paces, turn and fire.......

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China knows Japan is fading away into insignificance; hence the President not even bothering to make an effort. And who can blame him, given Japan's appalling treatment of China, and the continuing denials about Nanking?

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lostrune2: "So if there's no dialogue, it's because China doesn't want no dialogue."

BS, and you know it. Japan is not some kind of victim here, as you seem to want it to be. Both leaders have been cold, and the situation tense all around when they met. China has asked Japan to tone down provocation, but Japan is obviously not the only one doing it. Ie. it takes two to tango, and Xi is not the only one being rude or cold.

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I guess that besides old wounds from the period of shame, Xi sees Japan as the States did Cuba in the 1960:s. Japan with alliances is simply to strong and therefore in the way of Chinas step-by-step plan to become the greatest global power. Tough puzzle for Xi. If he is friendly to Abe he will loose domestic political support and if he is stubbornly hostile to Abe he will loose international trust. Besides the relation to China Abes job seems easier than Xis. Just convince the Japanese people to start spending more and don't worry about how to finance their retirement, convince the landmass of Japan to postpone all serious earthquakes a few hundred years and solve the energy crisis. Piece of cake.

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lostrune2: "So if there's no dialogue, it's because China doesn't want no dialogue."

BS, and you know it. Japan is not some kind of victim here, as you seem to want it to be.

That's irrelevant. Doesn't matter who sees themselves as the victim. Even Iran and US are talking. It's about just being amenable for dialogue. Without dialogue increases chances for unintended consequences.

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And Japanese newsis reporting that China sat Abe next to S. Korean presidnet Park at the reception dinner last night. They say Chinese netizens are going crazy about what this means. What does that mean?

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Shinzo finally got his wish come true, meeting Chinese President. However, I think it was better if he did not meet him. What an embarrassment for Shinzo, being greeted as if he's a pest. He really looked pathetic. But then again, most of educated people with decency would think that he is one. I wonder if people can recognize that Shinzo really disgraced Japan.

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China seemed very rude to Japanese Prime Minister as there were no showing its flags intentionally when they shook hands for each other. There were all flags for all other leaders. China seems like a child whatever. I think Japanese Prime Minister was probably very angry in his mind about it but did not show his real feeling. He might have decided that Japan would not invest more to China in the future and would rather invest more to India, Philippine, South Asian countries, etc.

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, right, walks away after・・・ No! They are about to set for a butt push game "Shiri-zumo in Japanese".

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Ungracious host hurts China image as world watches. Japan should decline to visit China again and not have to suffer pollution at source.

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Abe walked towards Xi Jinping with his arm extended out to shake hands Xi Jinping had is arms to his side as he approached Abe. The picture made it look as if Abe was apologizing. Once they should hands the picture showed Abe with a firm sincere grip, Xi Jinping had a loose grip as if to say I don't want to do this. Once they face the cameras Abe had a smile Xi Jinping look was let me get out of here!

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I was just imagining someone playing Elton John's "Can you feel the love tonight" to lighten the mood a bit.

Neither Xi nor Abe looked like they were feeling much love...

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