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Balloon burst


People walk in front of balloons promoting discount sales at a store in Harajuku, Tokyo, on Saturday.

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By any chance, is the store selling really big bags of Jelly Beans?

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Just how long did it take to inflate those things?

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There was a home in our rural town whose cottage industry was making these balloons and delivering them to companies. The home burned down some years ago. But, I wonder when I see these in say, car dealerships, if they are made of special materials that withstand heat and cold changes. They seem not to be the average kiddie party types sold at 100 yen shops.

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Way to be environmentally conscious Laforet. How is releasing these balloons not considered littering when they fly off and eventually deflate and land somewhere out in the countryside as trash?

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The whole big balloon made up of small ones look very weird for me. That said, given that such a tons of people are around, chances are very high that the discount sales will come off well.

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Are those attached to a flying house

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And sitting behind it is one little old man trying to catch his breath...

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