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Sadao Kimbara, left, and his daughter-in-law Sayuri (2nd R) ride on Honda motorcycles with sidecars he made out of oil barrels, as his grandchildren Rio (2nd L), Ruka (C), pet dog Tida and Rui sit in the sidecars in Ome, on the outskirts of Tokyo.

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Be careful it's not Safe-Drive Campagin (!)

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That's pretty cool.

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That dog seems somewhat precariously cantilevered.

Is it legal to have a dog as a passenger on a motorcycle here in Japan? Is it legal to have more than one passenger in an outfit, particularly small children? Is it a good or safe idea?

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A good bit of fun. Reminds me of when my own kids were small and suffered severely from Thomas "fever". Its small things like this that stay with you a life time.

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Cute. They will crumple like a tin can if they hit anything. Oh, they ARE tin cans. I put this in the category of parents wearing seat belts in the front because it is the law while the kids romp around in the back.

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Cool but due to crazy JP's driving laws wont pass shaken (assuming over 250cc)

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