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Bastille Day parade rehearsal


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waste of money

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Really? Is this a new thing? Is this in honour of the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI?

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Good for them, a true honor. Last year over a hundred US soldiers and Marines opened the march to commemorate the start of WW1.

My favorite part of this ceremony is when the French Foreign Legion march, they end the parade since they march at a much slower cadence than standard French troops.

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France and Japan are celebrating 160 years of relationship.

(Treaty of Amity and Commerce between France and Japan signed in 1858)

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Thanks for the info, Bintaro!

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Last year over a hundred US soldiers and Marines opened the march to commemorate the start of WW1.

But WW1 started in 1914. Perhaps 2017 marked the 100th anniversary on the American entry.

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Nice to see personnel from RSAF(Singapore) and JASDF(Japan) marching side by side

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Bastille Day concerns the French Revolution. This was the day that the dreaded Bastille prison was torn down by revolutionaries. The Japanese were not involved.

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On 12 July 1918 the Japanese battleship Kawachi was sunk by a magazine explosion, at anchor, in Tokuyama Bay.

In October-November 1914 it had been part of the Allied naval forces at the Siege of Tsingtao.

Other vessels of the Imperial Japanese Navy served in the Mediterranean sea in WW I.

Japan was an ally of France & Great Britain in that conflict and was mainly invited to this Bastille Day on that basis, I should think.

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