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Actor Benedict Cumberbatch smiles during a press conference to promote his latest film "Star Trek: Into Darkness" in Tokyo on Tuesday. The film opens in Japan on Aug 23.

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I fancy him a little - enjoyed his interpretation of Sherlock Holmes very much.

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August 23rd.. its 3 months late! I've inadvertently heard almost all the plot details by now.

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Cant wait to see this one. I assume it takes so long to arrive here because they have to add subs and do the voiceovers?

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Where are the mandatory 'tarentos" in this photo? Would have loved to see the "little v large" contrast. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall!

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Looking forward to this, as well. The lag has nothing to do with subtitles. How would that account for movies that are realeased almost simultaneaously? There are simply relatively few cinema screens in Japan and only a few companies control distribution. Most movies that come out in the US & England are never in theaters here. (In many cases that's just as well.) Another factor is the key release periods are different. For example, US secondary grade children have been on summer break since around June 20th. In Japan, most will finish this Friday. I don't even bother taking my kids to the movies here - too much hassle & cost. A shame, as I certainly enjoyed going when I was a child. My brother in the US takes his 3 kids at least once a month - cheap discounts at matinees make it reasonable.

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@meguroman, aye true tickets are too expensive. I love going to the theaters here, not too crowded and no annoying people like back home. Its a whole different experience.

We used to have like prescreening events every wednesdays. Tickets half price but you didnt know which movie would be shown, shame they don't have that here :(

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Vivlovesdrama, me too!

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Same jacket he wore on Top Gear isn't it? He is a crap driver abut a fine actor.

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I rather fancy Mr Cumberbatch too - it took me a while, but he really is rather dishy! If you get the chance to see a film he did a while ago, called Stuart: A Life Backwards, you should. (A very good book too.)

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He is a crap driver abut a fine actor.

Too much smaug when he drives?

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The Montauk Project? Mr. Cumberbatch is 6 foot tall. (183cm)

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What's with the Forrest Gump closed-collar-and-no-tie look. Never understand why some guys do that... makes them look... odd.

As an actor he's okay... not the best Holmes though: Jeremy Brett takes that crown. ^_^

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What's with the Forrest Gump closed-collar-and-no-tie look.

"Cool Biz" lost in translation

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Hmm, he doesn't look like a bad guy...

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I have seen ST: ID and...well...it is what it is - thank the maker I have TNG & DS9 to fall back on when things get too desperate.

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They've made the Indian Khan into this white dude. Pathetic!

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Hey Benedict ... show us your Cumberbatch !

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