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Beat the heat


Children cool off at a fountain in Tokyo on Tuesday.

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Awesome! Better yet would be a salarymander in cool biz in the fountain!! :-)

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Better watch where you're standing or you could be in for a big surprise(or maybe a big thrill)

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This makes me wish I was a kid again. Play with water guns and throw water balloons.....

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It's probably just an illusion caused by the water, but that one kid's head looks way too big for his body, ha ha! And why is he wearing long pants?!

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This is a great photo! Impossible not to smile to their happiness!

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These 2 little kids have more common sense than all of these adults pretending to be strong and end up getting heat stroke or heart attack, great to be a kid! No crappy neck ties in this stifling heat! Ii na!!

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Ah! To be a kid free from the burdens of work on a hot day! Great shot JT.

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Could JT or any readers tell where this place is? I have been desperately looking for such a place since 2 summers without any success and finally believed none existed in Tokyo. Would love enjoying playing there with my kids.

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Ah, to be young... I want a fountain too!

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That's a wonderful photo, and like someone else said, would love to see a salaryman prancing about getting soaked.

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Better yet would be a salarymander in cool biz in the fountain!! :-)

I reckon kids (or Japanese women for that matter) are infinitely more photogenic that Japanese Salarymen - but that's just me. Cool pic!

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JT; I'm sure there is a reason, but Why is the photo gone.

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