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Beaujolais Nouveau arrives


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I remember a Japan in the days before this stupid tradition started. Sorry, but this drink is just average. Nothing newsworthy at all.

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It takes some clever marketing to turn a cheap, boring wine into "an event".

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When I was a young man I lived in an area that seemed to make a big deal about Beaujolais Nouveau....so I bought a few bottles and is was a "one and done" event. Once I tasted them I realized it was nothing but hype and marketing.

Still drink wine now and again, but never Beaujolais Nouveau

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Beaujolais do actually make some nice wines but Nouveau isn't one of them.

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Just like the KFC Christmas bucket, something you have to try once. And I mean once.

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i’d rather drink vinegar than this …

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I remember in the 80’s, the Yupies were very keen on this and there was a hullabaloo each year over its arrival just like now in Japan. Haven’t heard anything for decades, absolutely nothing in the news here about it.

Was over priced and not very good then and hasn’t improved in the decades since.

I drink wines from all over the world but wouldn’t waste money on this.

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Japan's Nouveau Thanksgiving - 3rd Thursday of November.

Frankly surprised that this annual "event" still exists.

Decades ago, buoyed by the Bubble Years, Japan was a target for the World's All & Sundry.

Now the wine market has matured in comparison to those gawdy days, but the Pantomine persists.

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Oh no! I haven't ordered my strawberry cake for Xmas. Curse you, FOMO!

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I wonder what kind of visa exception these botles were granted :-)

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I'd rathe rhave Welch's grape juice. Better tasting and priced for its value.

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Ah yes, I remember the first time decades ago when someone first asked me if I was happy about Beaujolais Nouveau coming soon.

She was pretty cute, so I smiled and said, "もちろんです。"

It's all about priorities.

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@zichi…Beaujolais Nouveau is not a « sweet » wine at all ! Not a good wine anyway :)

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Grape juice is grape juice!

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