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Looking at the photo, I'm reminded of my bachelor years and that the only good thing about Beajolais parties is who you might meet there.

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Surely We Ingest Light Libations.

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OMG, every single year..

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When  Beaujolais Nouveau first hit the market it was popular because it was cheap. Now it is just expensive plonk.

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Oh no - that time again.

Last week my dear friend - a local buddhist priest - gave me a bottle of 2020 Beaujolais (He often receives gifts from parishoners).

He said this is very special. I didn't have the heart to tell him - sorry even if it was good, it's well past it's use by date.

Upon opening, my fears were realized - undrinkable.

I've never ever had a Beaujolais that I'd rate anywhere near par or above. Never.

With Japanese wine consumers becoming more discreet in recent years, it's puzzling that this money grab promo still gets people in.

I guess it's the old "Fresh is Best" line, except it's not Sake or Tuna.

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Not a fan of Beaujolais, but I am a fan of Kirin's tore-tate hop. I'm really enjoying this year's can!

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Well, some Beaujolais are actually good, and some are aging well, but only some of them, and in Japan they are actually hard to find.

The vast majority of the exported Beaujolais nouveau is undrinkable, may it be drunk the same year or not.

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Good for Cooking.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

You can buy a bottle of plonk for ¥500 for cooking. No need to spend ¥2,500 plus. I buy good Italian organic wine, red and white for ¥750.

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So what's the recommended time frame for drinking BN? I got given a bottle today.

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@wallace: It was a joke.

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drink now or before the end of the year. Mix with better wine, like a table wine.

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wallace - So it will be good for Christmas?

We don't usually have 'better wine' - screw-top supermarket plonk is the order of the day unless it's a celebration ...

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yes, it will, and a little beyond. Screw tops usually mean table wine and some of that can be very good, especially for the price. Double price does not mean double taste.

Single wines are also cheaper these days. There are many good wines on Amazon.

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Woohoo let’s party as Covid rages because it seems totally logical to do so.

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I'd drink any of those two. Glasses! I meant any of those two glasses...

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Wallace & Cleo - screw tops do not equate to el cheapo or low quality.

It can do, but many "new world" wines of exceptional quality use screw tops.

Why? Well the porosity of corks makes them unstable as sealants, allowing for a greater chance of spoilage.

I've heard that up to 1 in 10 bottles of traditionally corked wine has some level of O2 intrusion.

Also the problem of cork taint is very real.

Most of the ideas about cork vs screwtop is just perception. The wine world can be notoriously snobby & pompous and the notion that corks are used for "real" wines plays into the marketing.

Just like the Beaujolais Game.

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@Brian William Meissner

You should take a second look at the picture. People not drinking are wearing mask and party are wide apart. Most likely the two ladies were asked to take of their mask for the photo and/or were drinking.

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Wallace & Cleo - screw tops do not equate to el cheapo or low quality.

> It can do, but many "new world" wines of exceptional quality use screw tops.

These days many wines have screwtops or plastic corks. But corks were used for hundreds of years.

I generally prefer single wines as opposed to table wines. Sometimes I buy table wines Vin de pays or Pay D'oc.

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It makes a fair marinade for deer stew

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All I want for Christmas is you...

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