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Bee supportive


At The Championships, Wimbledon, a bee flies past a Japanese fan watching the tennis.

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a Japanese fan watching the tennis

and freaking out her fellow spectators?

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Be supportive to honey girls (!)

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You know it's boring when the photographer decides to take a picture of a bee instead of the match.

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I think it is a dart.

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Say what you want but I think it's a pretty well taken shot with the bee in focus.

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Japanese obasan are the easiest to spot in a crowd at tennis matches

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I love the symbolism about how we are blind to see the bee population problem.

Also, there is some symmetry about Japanese population declining as well as the Bee population.

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Isn't it ironic taking a photo of a bee, right near the beekeeper, Oh sorry that looks like a typical obasan, probably with a fan by her side, complaining " ATSUI DESU NE"... All jokes aside ,great photo of the day...

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The be doesn't see a face, no new, hands, a body, nothing... Just flower callered bandanas and straw hats.

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