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Japanese kimono and bridal designer Yumi Katsura unveiled her latest fashion line-up "Beyond East & West" at the State Guest House, Akasaka Palace, in Tokyo's Minato Ward on Tuesday. This was the first fashion show ever to be held at the State Guest House. The lineup included around 90 dresses, divided into five categories, including regular bridal collections, luxury bridal dresses, kimono, and the Yumi Katsura Japonesque "Yumi Yuzen" collection, works inspired by Japanese masters from the Edo period. Among the most impressive dresses were such inspired by the works on ukiyoe master Katsushika Hokusai featuring Mt Fuji, sumo and courtesan motifs from "Hokusai Manga" and more.

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Nice frock.

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It is like a beautiful cataclysmic volcanic eruption. Luvly dress.

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Packing a nice volcano

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That dress was made for her, she looks stunning!

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Yumi is foreword thinking in her designs and is sure to appeal to the younger generation and cause the older more traditional Japanese to cringe at her wonderful and colorful designs however, that said her international following is undoubtly jumping with joy at her new offerings as I. Good Luck Yumi...

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Also making new dresses from old no longer worn silk kimono.

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