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A Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force Type 10 armoured tank fires during an annual training session at Higashifuji training field in Gotemba, near Mount Fuji, on Tuesday.

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But the government said the 1000 yen fee to climb Mt. Fuji is optional. Don't shoot! I have some pocket change somewhere...

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Does the JGSDF have unarmoured tanks?

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Fourth Generation, light weight, agile and intelligent MBT.


Very impressive.

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I'd go with impressive. My brother-in-law worked on the design team.

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Very good tank saw some of it stats and it is a good design.

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It's a drift tank. The 10(shiki) tank can fire a round while drifting.

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a baby version of the Leopard 2? at least they have the same gun from Rhenmettal Germany.

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I don't suspect that tank would be legal for the Ōarai Girls High School's Sensha-dō team to use? Might give them too much of an edge.

'Girls und Panzer'

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Not nearly as big and bulky as an Abrams or a Leopard at half the weight but twice the maneuverability and faster. Same size gun as the heavier tanks with the ability to stack more armor on if need be. The barrel of the type 10 was designed entirely in Japan with the somewhat older type 90 tank using the same barrel as the Leopard 2 from Germany. Awesome tank.

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Only 3 crew, low profile, build enough and its great. A few and its a dud. Current administration agressive so perhaps 1000+ would be enough. Only need to defend south Japan. The north is a no go zone for anyone! After November.

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I'll wait for the Tamiya kit...

I love the photo... does the Type 10 have the ability to lower the front suspension like the Types 74 and 90?

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