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An elementary school sumo wrestler reacts after his bout at the National Children's Sumo tournament in Tokyo on Sunday.

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To each his or her own, but the Exile look doesnt fit on this kid.

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Which one won?

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We shouldn't encourage elementary school-aged kids to become obese. If they were obese to start with, that's a different story, however.

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Don't they teach 'hinkaku' at that age? So much for the spirit of O-Sumo....

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@cadium agreed. Blame the parents. Same as for kids training to become mister universe or any form of extreme sport actually.

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We shouldn't encourage elementary school-aged kids to become obese. If they were obese to start with, that's a different story, however.

I have yet to meet any child that was obese to start with. I understand what you are saying here, sounds to me like being PC, but these kids do not get this obese by accident. Their parents and their diets have a hell of a lot to do with it and if anyone has noticed there are not too many 70 or 80 year old former sumo wrestlers around.

It's a short life-span that these kids are chasing and while I enjoy watching sumo as much as anyone else, it isnt the healthiest lifestyle around that is for sure.

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Something is traversing that boy's head.

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See all the "sores" on the larger boys body? That comes from obesity...

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I am a parent and I know that there are to many health risk associated with being over weight!!! I think the parents should rethink their children’s diet and daily fitness activities and I do not mean sitting on their butts in front of a TV!!!

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There is nothing wrong with fat kids as long as they are entertaining.

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They need to go on a diet! Being so large at their age can not be healthy.

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Do the truffle shuffle!!!

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They need to go on a diet!

They are on a seafood diet. They see food and they eat it.

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Uh, OK, I can see adults overeating to the point of obesity to be a sumo wrestler but I hope the parents aren't doing this to their kid deliberately. Stick to baseball!

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I find the whole idea of why sumo wrestlers should be so popular in Japan bizarre. I've knew a couple of American guys who were really overweight and they were constantly persecuted by the Japanese for their weight. They were stared at, poked in the belly by strangers and had 'fat' gestures made at them all the time by old and young alike. Yet the national sport of Japan is two incredibly obese guys slapping each other. I would encourage anyone fat to stay away from going to work in Japan as the natives are so rude about weight, yet they love sumo. Go figure!

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