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An Asian elephant swims in a 65-meter-long pool at Fuji Safari Park in Susono, at the foot of Mt Fuji, on Monday. The park was inspired by the images of elephants swimming in the ocean and wanted to build a facility to demonstrate a fact little known in Japan, that elephants can actually swim. The attraction opened on July 11.

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You'd never really think about it [elephants going for a leisurely swim] but now this image is stuck in my head and is causing a big smile. Thanks JT!

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Those glasses must be really expensive

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Those glasses must be really expensive

The elephant is not wearing glasses, not even swimming goggles.

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I hope the swimming is just recreational and the zoo isn't forcing the elephant(s) to swim all day

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Agreed, I hope the elephant has a way of getting in and out when they want to and isn't a side show attraction.

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Nice to know some can swim in Japan, send your kids to learn how.

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wonder if they can do cannonballs, too.

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cleo ain't going to like this....

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You'z right there, lucabrasi. Saw this this morning and made a point of not commenting because I knew I'd go off in a rant. Don't like it one little bit.

A quick look at the website shows that Fuji Safari Park not only makes its elephants swim (dunking for bananas, it looks like) for the titillation of customers, it allows customers to manhandle baby wildlife (lion cubs) for the purpose of taking 'commemorative' photos. A travesty of what a zoo is supposed to do - protect its inmates and educate the public about wildlife in its natural state.


Poor zo-san.

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In the back on my mind, I am thinking about the sequel to Jurassic Park where the dinosaur eats an elephant in the tank instead of a shark.

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