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U.S. billionaire investor Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, waves next to Yoshito Uehara, president and CEO of Tungaloy Corpration, second left, during a group photo session with employees at the headquarters of cemented carbide tool supplier Tungaloy Corp in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, on Monday. Buffett's visit to Tungaloy Corp, originally scheduled in March this year, was canceled due to the earthquake and tsunami. Tungaloy is a group company of IMC, which is a part of Berkshire Hathaway. See story here.

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Give him a credit for being in Fukushima. Mr. Buffet is a modest man, and money has not changed him. Even with all the billions in wealth, he has lived in a same house for 40 years. Most of the money Buffet has reportedly will go to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which specializes in finding cures for diseases that plague impoverished nations. Gates and Buffett share the philosophy that giving your children too much money is a burden, not a gift, and is not a rational thing to do with all that wealth. He and his wife talked about it and decided they shouldn't pass huge amounts of money along to their children. Buffett is rich, but he has simple tastes and a simple philosophy. Buffet cares about people that are suffering.

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I wish more finance guys were like Warren Buffett. He started out as a kid selling chewing gum door to door. He lives in the same house he bought in 1958. He drives a modest car. He's a philanthropist. Capitalism can be good if your attitude is right. Think Andrew Carnegie, etc.

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Not to be picky, but a comma would have helped.

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Agreed sfjp330... Warren Buffet is one of the good rich guys. And he was on the news last night saying that there are definitely stocks in Japan worth investing in right now. As in America and even Europe.

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Gambare Fukushima!

Buffett and Americans are behind you guys. You can do it!!

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ActionThisDay: "Not to be picky, but a comma would have helped."

I was going to say exactly the same thing, unless of course they're planning to pass Fukushima on to some other nation of something. :)

Anyway, good on Buffet.

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I have nothing but praise for Mr. Buffett.

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Ed O Jidai,

But then what makes any of us think Mr. Buffett had any real clue what that sign said?

You screed implies a wealth of ignorance about who Mr. Buffett is.

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That English is a directive to the Noda Government and the proeple of Japan. Never give up is really clunky.

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How much money did he bring?

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I hope he donated some money and did more than just hold a sign!

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It is a good sign to invest further in Japan, regardless of natural disasters, China and India's rise, the Euro crisis, US debt crisis.

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The company he owns in Japan http://www.tungaloy.co.jp/

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I like the way he talks. But actions speak louder than words. Can anyone say what he did?

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and no comma in "No woman no cry.!

I hope Buffet invests in Japan. He has the cash for sure, but maybe all tied up in stocks.

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Buffet feels your pain.

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Thanks for the support, Mr.Buffet. I guess he is living proof of the American Dream: work hard and you too can become the richest person on the block.

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Thanks for the support, Mr.Buffet. I guess he is living proof of the American Dream: work hard and you too can become the richest person on the block.

And pay your fair share of tax, heh.

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Always wanted to know the kanji for Fukushima. Now i can save this image for future reference at the supermarket.

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There is no comma in "Don't cry for me Argentina" either.

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Doesn't "Ganbarou" have the connotation of "Let's.." as in WE?

Hey, that is great.

Any and all Fukushima residents in need of a place to stay must now be welcome to homestay with Warren in Wichita.

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Look after tumbling "Wall Street" please, leave Fukushima to Noda and TEPCO.

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"Never give up my billions for you"

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("Corpration"--> Corporation)

Easy for them to say. "I just dropped by to tell all of you who have suffered and still are suffering to hang in there. Now I'm off to my private luxury jet to return unscathed to my own tsunami (of money)," not unlike Scrooge McDuck's huge waves here: http://americandigest.org/sidelines/money-bin-scrooge-mcduck.jpg

If my life was buffeted by the ill winds of fate and torn asunder by tragedy I don't believe I would appreciate someone telling me I should endure and never give up dealing with unimaginable hardship if that person offering such "encouragement" was a privileged billionaire whose idea of tragedy would be getting served a lukewarm cup of coffee.

But then what makes any of us think Mr. Buffett had any real clue what that sign said?

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