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Yuck! Rats with wings!

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If you enjoy that, why not nip down to Enoshima and see the hawks at play, dive bombing the unsuspecting outdoor eaters

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I feed the pidgins down at Enoshima a few times a week. Amazing personalities and really cute. Beautiful birds. Used to call them Sky Rats in NY.

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How a nice shot!

Doves! Gulls! Two little sparrows and human beings,

all are together in a difficult time!

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For my wife who has serious phobia of birds, that is what hell looks like.

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I feed the pidgins down at Enoshima a few times a week.

I feed the pigeons, I sometimes feed the sparrows, too. It gives me a sense of enormous well-being.

And then I'm happy for the rest of the day, safe in the knowledge that there will always be a bit of my heart, devoted to it.

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Parklife - and temple life too :)

There is a temple I love to go to where one can buy a little tin plate of birdseed for 50 yen. It is an absolute treat to buy a couple of plates at a time, hold one in each outstretched arm, and wait. I love it. Feeding the birds always makes me happy.

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Birds dont bother me, but having ferrel pigeons flying around with sea gulls, being covered in bird muck, no thank you!

take a look at this link ref nasty diseases https://www.pantherpestcontrol.co.uk/bird-control/diseases-spread-by-pigeons/

As for the picture I cant see any doves only pigeons and gulls.

My son had a big chuck of flesh taken out of hand when he was a small child whilst eating a sandwich on a beach in the UK


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Those are pigeons, not doves. Nice to see some of the comments making note of that.

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Typical close contact!

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We have Mourning Doves where I live with their distinct sad sounding call. And Chukkars and burrowing owls (the neatest birds!). We also have the annual winter visit of geese. Sometimes the sky seems to be overcast with geese, and they make a big mess where they hang out during the day. They occasionally block traffic too. What is most interesting to see is when ravens gang up on a hawk. There will be 50 - 100 ravens orbiting over where the hawk is perched, a big noisy black cloud of birds, and as soon as the hawk tries to escape they attack it in the air.

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In our location we have pigeon doves, look like pigeons but behave very differently. Brown in color. Very peaceful and will sit in the trees and not fly away. You can get right up to them. The ones in the photo look like city pigeons. The white birds are gulls.

There's no difference between a pigeon and a dove in scientific nomenclature.

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