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Prince Hisahito, the only son of Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko, makes soap bubbles with his sisters Princess Kako (R) and Princess Mako (L) on the grounds of the Akasaka Estate in Tokyo, in this photo provided by the Imperial Household Agency of Japan. Prince Hisahito turned 12 years old on Thursday.

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Of Prince and Princesses.... and I just realized I am officially a "commoner" ...arrgh

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Well the boy is obviously considered in some way to be "special" and his sisters mear bubble creators. Something is completely wrong. Why on earth are commoners even playing with such a revered child? It's mind boggling.

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Good to see them doing something ordinary, instead of sitting formally.

Would be 'ordinary' if the kid was 7yo & his sisters 10 & 12. Living a sheltered life.

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When are Japanese women going to move off of those ridiculous looking parachute pants?! It's such a bad look; so unflattering, lazy, and uninspired.

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Why the need to mention "only" son? Why not just "the" son?

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Nice photo. Good to see them doing something ordinary, instead of sitting formally.

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