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Well-wishers wave national flags to celebrate Emperor Akihito's 79th birthday at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on Sunday.

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Brings back memories of England earlier this year at Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee . . . . . I suppose having a monarch kind of gives the nation an 'enduring' symbol of its entity.

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Long live the emperor! But back home they would say: " Every crazy one with his theme".

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Great, people having fun - that is so good to see!

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How many people in this crowd would have a clue as to why or to whom they are celebrating. "everybody else is doing it, so let's do it, too." - seems to be one of the themes of Japan's mass-celebratory events.

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I am surprised that people have the time and energy to do this. Its curious. There would probably be a few more posts on this thread, but the mods are deleting any that are critical or vaguely negative. Tenno heika banzai! (Satisfied)

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it must bring tears of joy to the emperors face to see the respect these people have for him long live the emperor and happy birthday from me

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more than 10,000 attendees celebrated the Emperor birthday at the Imperial Palace.

Long live the Emperor!

君が代は 千代に八千代に 細石の 巌となりて 苔の生すまで

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