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Blue night


Tokyo Midtown is lit up with 280,000 LED lights for Christmas. Actress Aya Ueto (photo below) performed the lighting ceremony on Thursday night.

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Performed the lighting ceremony ? " You mean flick a switch, right? :-) She is cute though...

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She is not cute, she is gorgeous. damn you Hiro from exile.

Oh and I love how Japan loves to use blue leds for Christmas year upon year upon year. Surely red or green would be a more suitable (warmer, chrismassy) color.

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Every lighting ceremony should use a drop dead gorgeous woman doing the honors... if only I were King...

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Loved her in the Azumi films.

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Waste of power. Jingle Bells in November my arse. Bah humbug.

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Honestly, I have been there the past 3 years, and nothing fancy really. A few LED and people queuing to see it. Highly disappointing and I am not by far a Disney spoiled person.

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Looks like another excuse to sit back, watch the lights, have a cold beer, and listen to Only Time.

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