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Visitors at the Churaumi Aquarium in Motobu, Okinawa, observe a fish tank --10 meters deep, 35 meters wide and 27 meters long -- that contains whale sharks, manta rays and yellowfin tuna gliding in large schools, on Saturday.

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this is a great place for a date!

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What a fantastic picture!

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everyone should visit there if possible. nice picture indeed!!!!!

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Nice shot !

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Great aquarium. You can grab a seat right next to this tank and drink a coffee, a snack or a smoothie while huge whale sharks and mantas swim by your table. And the prices are no more than you would pay at a coffee shop anywhere in town.

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This aquarium is one of the most popular tourist, if not the biggest, tourist site, in Okinawa. I would recommend it to anyone, from anywhere!

It is mesmerizing to say the least !

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With Peach airlines and some planning, this can be a one-day trip, though two or more days are easier to manage.

Recommended for everyone's Japan bucket list. Get some taco rice and beer at the restaurant next to the giant aquarium.

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