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Fashion model Risa Hirako holds the new Docomo BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone at an event in Tokyo. The 4G-capable smartphone has a 1.2 GHz processor, and a 24-bit high-res display. Its Liquid Graphics provide for smooth pan and zoom touch experiences. Hirako commented: "I like that manly, cool design. Its touch panel is so easy to use."

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Her toe nails blush like a fair maiden, wish that phone has the same color.

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Her earrings fascinate me

Her legs fascinate me!

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Wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of those.

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41! I have just confirmed Seavey's information, but I still can't believe it! I would just say she looks great, period!

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She looks great for 41.

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Why have I never seen Risa Hirako until today?

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The blackberry is dead.

that's why docomo has hired Bold & Beautiful fashion model, hoping that she may put a new life into it :) impossible(!)

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Her earrings fascinate me.

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That model's been in business for much longer than the Blackberry but still looks prettier and thinner.

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I am NOT a Blackberry user but it is far from dead. Many corporations will still only use Blackberry for email on the move as there is nothing else out there secure enough. I agree that in the First World, RIM caused themselves irreversible damage after the problems last year but what many do not know is that base versions of Blackberry are attracting a vast customer base in other countries.

@smith: guessing you are an Apple lover, fair enough. DoCoMo still have well over 50% market share though, Appple would not let them modify the phone to even include a Felica card, seen essential by many Japanese. Did you know that 50% of iphone subscribers in Japan STILL retain a regular cell phone too that has enabled them to keep their mobile phone address. That was another big issue for DoCoMo. My guess is that Apple will be wanting to talk to DoCoMo by the time the launch of the next iphone. They better make sure that they build something that will actually support LTE in Japan or the amount of Galaxy users will continue to rise.

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Blackberry is dead.

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I love thin phones. I love thin women even more.

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"Fashion model Risa Hirako holds the new Docomo BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone...'

Wish I was holding Risa Hirako.

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The blackberry is dead. People need to deal with that fact. Docomo is still trying to rebound from the fact that it rejected Apple's initial proposal that it be the carrier for the iPhone.

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