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Crown Prince Naruhito walks with Crown Princess Masako as he leaves for his trip to Luxembourg on Thursday to attend the wedding of Prince Guillaume, heir to the throne, and a Belgian countess, on Friday. The two-day festivities on Friday and Saturday are drawing royalty from all over the world. The crown princess is not accompanying the crown prince on this trip.

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Why is the crown princess not accompanying the crown prince on this trip?

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Because their marriage is a sham. IHA took this very intelligent woman and made her into a recluse

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Most Japanese woman after Marriage HATE social events. A known fact

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His Highness is starting to look more like his dad.

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Because their marriage is a sham. IHA took this very intelligent woman and made her into a recluse

Never really understood how this can happen. I thought that they were only supposed to be working for the Royal Family not the other way around. If I were them, I would just simply do what I wanted, and dismissed the IHA. I am sure that the people will want to keep the family line they have now on the throne, than trying to find some others made up by the IHA. After all if the IHA did that, they would have to rewrite a lot of Japanese history, and I don't think that they are up to it.

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Times are tight in Europe, I heard the grand duchy had to keep the invites down...

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Because their marriage is a sham. IHA took this very intelligent woman and made her into a recluse

Um what? For such an intelligent woman who said no many times before, sorry. She "gave in" and said yes to help her daddy out. While I understand that indeed she IS a victim of the IHA, I get tired of listening to how she was brainwashed and the like.

That being said, I'm also sick and tired of my tax money going towards her life. She doesn't perform her duties and yes, is a recluse. A recluse who is raising her daughter to be a crybaby who can't attend school without mommy. If she's so unhappy, divorce. Now THAT would move Japan forward decades if she did.

-3 ( +4 / -7 )

Tmarie - I'd like to see her do that, too. But have a little empathy, she has the entire IHA, government, social customs etc in her head telling her its not an option. I doubt she has even one person she could talk to as a friend.

1 ( +5 / -4 )

Hoser, she knew what she was getting into and did it to further her father's career. It isn't like she was kidnapped and forced to do this. Do I think she has an easy life? Certainly not but she's not kept in shackles. She's be a huge role model for women in unhappy marriages to get out. I sort of feel she's letting THOSE women down but remaining the "victim" in all of this. And she's messing up her daughter in the process.

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

Tmarie - she refused naruhito's proposals several times and only relented after he and Michico assured her her independence would be respected.

You can criticize the woman for being naive to believe them, but your crass assertion that she is just enjoying an easy freeloader life is a joke.

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She has to stay home to take care of her young daughter. Nothing wrong with that.

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Care to point out where I suggested she's enjoying her life? I have no doubt in my mind she's in her own personal hell - and raising a child during it all. What better reason to divorce than that?

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Why is she wearing the wedding band and the CPrince is not?!

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I want to see Princess Masako just flip out, tell those bullies who is the freaking princess here, and demand the throne for Aiko or she'll ruin the family's name. I believe in this lady, just one day..

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Sorry for thinking people should be held accountable for things THEY decided to do of their own free will. She wasn't forced into the marriage. She's not shackled and chained - unlike some women in this country. She could be an inspiration instead she just pitied. Like so many other women here are. I'm tired of the pity party and would like these women to step up to the plate rather than just be the victim.

And not bitter, just tired of all the pity. You can't help someone who doesn't help themselves. Not only is she going down, she's allowing her child to go down with her. Which is the worst of it all.

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i think princess masako has a kind face, and a nice genuine smile. i do feel for her tho, but i am sure she would not want pity from us. actually, i applaud her bravery. imagine what she has to put up with on a daily basis: little or no privacy, rumours about her mental capacity, scrutiny about everything she does or does not do, trying to raise a daugther with people criticising her parental skills, what she wears, what she says.. and all in front of the nation and the world. any 'normal' person would go mad! yet, she can still crack a smile for the cameras. like her or not, i think she's doing the best she can and should be praised for her efforts, no matter how big or small.

i'm sure by accepting naruhito's marriage, she could guess what life would be like, but how would she really know until she actually experienced being married to him.

[men and women who marry military servicemen/women know full what they are getting into as well, but they still go ahead and marry their partners.. and when they sadly lose their loved ones in the line of duty, it doesn't hurt any less.]

for me, i feel like princess masako is fighting a 'war' of her own.. she against the kunaicho and the harsh public/media.

you go girl!

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this dear lady can do so much for japan. her "presance" is huge. a global icon of signifficance. one could asume the imperial household lackies who force masako to stay behind are just plain jelious. imperial protocol, mental health issues. excuse me. masako san is the next empress, treat this lady with the respect she deserves. those who run the emperial household are just a evil regime

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It isn't like she was kidnapped and forced to do this.

I only have to observe my friends to realize that every Japanese woman is under enormous social pressure (that's force, tmarie) to marry after her mid-twenties. Community pressure. Family pressure. Left-over Christmas cake pressure. In CP Masako's case the added pressure of furthering her father's ambitions by "agreeing" (capitulating) to the proposal. What emotional blackmail might she have had to endure? Did her family threaten to disown her if she refused him again? There is violent force and there is subtle force. Both can achieve the same result.

How does a Japanese person--especially a woman--who is culturally conditioned all her life to think of others and belong to the group above all else stand up and refuse? Where would the support come from that might enable her to go it (the hyper-dreaded) alone? For someone who has never been alone or learned to function happily alone, even thinking of it is impossible. How can she say anything except the standard: Shoganai. It is my fate?

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Take care Masako san, and I hope you have a little bit of freedom and peace of mind with this trip. Being at the imperial palace must be very stressful.

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I only have to observe my friends to realize that every Japanese woman is under enormous social pressure (that's force, tmarie) to marry after her mid-twenties.

Interesting. More so when Japan has one of the latest marrying age averages in the world...

Also, you might like to ask who pressure the women. Other women. It would be great for her to step out and show Japan and Japanese women other options instead of gamaning through an unhappy life.

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Yes, marrying average age is late, but they marry.

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tmarie - this is one case where you really need to walk a mile in Masako's shoes before you criticize her.

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