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British actress Naomie Harris, who plays Miss Moneypenny in the new James Bond film "Spectre," attends a promotional event for Omega in Tokyo on Monday night. "Spectre" opens in Japan on Dec 4.

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Sappari shita (Bond) girl !

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Well, doesn't she look thrilled to be here?

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Nice photo - I do like that dress, she makes it look lovely!

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Saw the movie here in the states a couple of weeks back. Not nearly as good as Skyfall. In fact, thye could have cut at least 30 minutes out of it, and it would not have suffered at all. Knda do hope this is Daniel Craig's last go-round as 007. He was just going through the motions in this one. Agree that Ms. Harris is lovely though.

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I like the dress because it has a Rabbit on it right in the front. Rabbits are cool little pets.

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hubba hubba. nice to see diversity in the bond films.

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Technically, Miss Moneypenny is not a "Bond girl." Miss Moneypenny is Miss Moneypenny, and the dangerous girls that Bond conquers on his missions are "bond girls." Miss Moneypenny is jealous of all the Bond girls.

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The look on her face is probably because of her shoes. Those are incredibly painful. Gorgeous woman, though.

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LoL. Did she borrow that dress from Michelle Obama? Could've sworn she wore something similar when she visited Japan this past spring.

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Wc: No rabbit pattern on the stomach.

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