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Breaking the ice


People take photos of Turin Olympic figure skating gold medalist Shizuka Arakawa, left, and professional skater Akiko Suzuki as they perform at the opening of the Tokyo Midtown ice skating rink in Tokyo's Roppongi on Wednesday. The rink is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. until March 6. For more information and charges, click here.

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Shizuka-san !

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For a second I thought, How nice, free, relaxing, uncrowded! ... until I saw all the gawpers on the balcony (lol)

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They look much cuter when wearing their short skirts.

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Now that I've broken the ice and felt like giving my take in this field. Good picture!

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what a nice photo with lovely smiles. shizuka- san,if you can be my tomodachi dake with great pleasure,it will be splendid.

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