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Bright tree


Tokyo Sky Tree lights up the night sky.

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I think Typhoon No.2 is proceeding towards Japan and this tower had an operational problem due to strong winds.

-3 ( +1 / -4 ) an age when the jgov is urging people to cut back on power usage and not to even mention the fact that we'll have to endure the blistering heat in buildings that insist on keeping the aircons set at 30 degrees or more, we've got this thing sucking up a lot of electricity....and for what?

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skytree genki mitai

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Nice picture but not the one of the crowds! I think I'll go when the fuss dies down....which will be never it seems!

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The resemblance is uncanny!

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I actually didnt find this lighting up very impressive at all TBH. Sorry! I thought Tokyo Tower was much more impressive in terms of lighting. But on the other hand, pleased they are not blowing off so much power.

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Mirai: YouTube "Panasonic LED Lighting to Illuminate the Tokyo Sky Tree"

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2 hour special on it last night starring Becky. They showed a lot of views of it being constructed. Very scary. They even had footage of what the guys did when the big quake hit. Many lied down up there. Scary. I am excited about my online tickets for July 10th. That is going to be very kewl.

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You guys love this? Pretty isn't it? Now go check your mail box. In it you'll find a bill with the name TEPCO on it. In there you should find a memo about the increase in your fees for your power consumption.

Tokyo Sky Tree is so pretty. Did you get a free ticket? No?

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When is someone else gonna notice - those dresses the greeters have to wear are HIDEOUS (see the 3rd picture above). I am not into using so much electricity - but the blue color does look cool.

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Call me a Sci-Fi Otaku but I think this beastie looks damn sexy at night with the warp core like blue lighting. Not too much and not too little. I can only imagine the kewlness of a light and hanabi show that they will put on from the Tree on New Year's.

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"ION Cannon control..... FIRE!"

"The first shuttle is awayI The first shuttle is away!" (cheers)

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OK, enough of the Sky Tree already. There has to be good photos of other subjects. And yeah, I agree that while everybody else is trying to conserve electricity that all that lighting is over the top.

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