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Bringing the roof down


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I was just there this morning. I was surprised to see the amount of glass and other debris on the floor. I guess a huge mostly glass building wasn't such a good idea after all.

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still image taken from a video obtained from social media

"Social media" is not a credit, you need to credit the actual person that took the video if Reuters actually cared.

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sad to note.God Bless the buildings and people, after all people are the wealth of any nation.. tks

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You can see it here:


I'm so glad it didn't fall on anyone.

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Glass is brittle, it is only around 1/30 in fracture toughness as oppose to low carbon steel.

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Perhaps now they realise what a stupid idea it was.

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After watching the video it's a miracle no one was injured, there were a couple of people right next to the falling glass!

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funkseoulSep. 5  03:23 pm JST Glass is brittle, it is only around 1/30 in fracture toughness as oppose to low carbon steel.

Glass is not "brittle." Glass is quite rigid. The failure was the structure holding the glass in place. It twisted and that's what broke the glass, which is tempered and intended to shatter into smallish pieces.

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funny how mainstream (lame stream) media outlets won’t hesitate to grab unattributed and unpaid sources from Social Media, yet the second any of their material gets shared/referenced/edited they’re ready to go all Weird Al “imma sue”...


yet another reason they’re on their way out

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