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Archers dressed in traditional warrior attire take part in a New Year Shinto ritual archery ceremony at Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo on Monday.

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Wow, what an expression on the guy behind the shooter. ..."would you hurry it up!!!"

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Before guns were invented, this was perhaps the best way to kill.

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Also note there are no SIGHTS like in the modern Bow & Arrow use. Still very impressive photo to my mind.

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"We will reign down so many arrows on you that they will blot out the sun."

"Then we shall fight in the shade..."

Archers are awesome. They were the long range snipers of old school battles.

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Whoa...I just love archery, the feeling you get holding the arrow is just out of this world.

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Hope they're aiming for a few of those "Class-A" souls needing to be excised.

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@Japlan: Ahahahaha! What kind of shoes are these guys wearing?

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The ancestors of the "mule" shoe style...

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This type of archery is really an art. Would love to learn it!

I only have one question though...what is with the cowboys on the bench in the background?

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