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Bunny barrier


A worker stands beside a traffic barrier near a construction site in Tokyo.

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The word 'worker' should be in quotes, perhaps.

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"They also serve who only stand and wait." - John Milton

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traffic barrier

I have to admit that the pink bunnies look cute. but this is supposed to be a traffic barrier. the main purpose of a traffic barrier is to alert people about the dangers on the road. so usually orange color is used for this purpose because orange color is highly visible to human eyes. pink is considered a very confusing color for this purpose. so not a good choice for a traffic barrier. pink bunnies might cause confusion among children on the street thinking that they are toys but not a traffic barrier. this is very dangerous and would definitely defeat the purpose of using a traffic barrier. in conclusion pink bunnies are very poor choice for a traffic barrier.

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That's a good point, calr751. In addition drivers might think WTF! when they see pink bunny traffic barriers or women especially might get distracted when cooing over their cuteness, and they could lose control and crash into something or someone, maybe even the ubiquitous bunnies. In conclusion, I too agree, down with pink bunny traffic barriers.

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Order of importance in Japan:

Kawaii Everything else
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I love these things. Traffic barriers in Japan have a leg up on traffic barriers in other countries.

In addition bunnies, I have seen froggies, as well as monkey and even peeps -shaped traffic barrier holder thingies. To my layman's eyes, they do a very good job of holding the aluminum pipes that actually barry the traffics, as well as making construction scenery less of an eyesore than it often can be. In short, I come out for the bunny and other -shaped traffic barriers.

calr brings up some good points about the coloring of the traffic barriers, points which are hard to dismiss out of hand. Visibility, especially visibility on a subconscious level when our minds are busy doing something else, is very important when it comes to traffic-related objects in general, not just the traffic barrier holders in particular. However, in response to oikawa's well-elucidated but unconvincing argument, I have to say that no females I have been in a car with have ever actually produced the phenomenon of "cooing" when confronted with a character-style traffic barrier holder, nor have I witnessed a level of distraction related to the traffic barrier holders that led me to worry an accident might be imminent.

In short I would like to keep the Japanese-style holders for traffic barriers, and to solve the problem that calr brings up, I have a proposal: How about in future, if we make yellow bunnies eating orange carrots, or conversely orange bunnies eating yellow carrots for visibility's sake? The froggies as well could be modelled after the S American varieties, instead of the more common local green ones, to allow for similar coloring patterns. I believe this will lead to a safe, and also not-unsightly construction environment for all.

This concludes my speech, thank you for listening.

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It's easy to buy thousands of cute bunnies when you're spending other people's money.

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Why are there traffic cones inside the bunnies? Seems a little redundant, or is it for legal reasons?

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Don't get me started on these guard-men who "direct people" around hazards, sheesh.

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The word 'worker' should be in quotes, perhaps.

Would you rather he sat at home counting his pension?

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Cool! And a big "Boo" to all the negative comments.

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I found those guys guarding and directing people around construction sites always very friendly. Something that can't be said about some of the commenters here.

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