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What fun! An open-air tourist bus ride in the pouring rain. Cameras in plastic bags. Tokyo Station up ahead, and maybe a change of clothes.

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Doesn't seem a tour day! Better choose a nice day.

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What a great time to go sightseeing in Tokyo!

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OK, the weather was bad for touring. But other than that, if the weather was good that is, how about the central idea? You know, that bus tours be resumed, with half capacity?

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Wonder how many customers they get? It would be nice to travel domestically here in Japan because of less people and less international visitors. It would help the hotels and travel industry.

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Keep international tourism at bay. Encourage locals to support independent, locally owned business. Shift away from industrial tourism, phase it out and deep-six it. The continual push to expand beyond any reasonable threshold is absurd. Whether recognized or not: there is a social ecology which acknowledges not just limits, but community and what constitutes & defines a good life. Which can be as simple as a big, fat middle-class and limits on the upper class. As for the less than witty comments: who cares if tourists wish to ride around in a bus in the rain.

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Ridiculous i bet these people are thoroughly enjoying their experience too.................................................in the rain.

Could the people who run this joke not have picked a better day for the photos shoot , or I guess they had their english teacher day job to consider so could not reschedule or afford to re-book the ticket .....................................

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