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By George


American actor George Clooney and his wife Amal pose for photographers at a photo call ahead of the Japan premiere of the Disney film "Tomorrowland" in Tokyo on Monday night. Clooney, who was last in Japan in 2007, was joined at the premiere by director Brad Bird, British actress Raffey Cassidy, American actress Britt Robertson Japanese actress Mirai Shida (photo below right). The film opens in Japan on June 6.

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Wow she looks tall.

Movie should be interesting, Brad Bird has quite a few good titles on his name.

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Was the Japanese actress in the movie?

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as usual, it appears not.

She is not listed as a cast member or with any relation to the film, so far, that I can find. Fairly pathetic that this, 'roll out the J-talent-o' whenever a film star, director, other comes to promote a move in this country, continues to be prevalent.

Indicative of a deep seated insecurity of the country. At least.

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Ajam1: Perhaps if you weren't so nasty and quick to judge, you would know that Mirai Shida is there because she voices the Character of Casey (Played by Britt Robertson) for the Japanese version of the film.

Obviously, you didn't look hard enough.

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Mirai Shida is there because she voices the Character of Casey

I hate when they do this to disney films. They'll probably ruin the "original" theme song with a japanese version too. Worse, the movie prob won't even be titled "tomorrowland".

Look what they did to Frozen.

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Wc626: It is being released as "Tomorrowland" and you can always watch it in English - whats the big deal?

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I hate when they do this to Ghibli films. They'll probably ruin the "original" theme song with an English version too. Worse, the movie prob won't even be titled "千と千尋の神隠し".

Look what they did to "となりのトトロ."

Movies get localized. Most of the time the theaters play the original English-language/Japanese-subtitled version alongside the Japanese dubbed one. But you almost always have a choice of language track and turning off subtitles when the video release comes.

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The big deal is how japan tries so hard to make disney their "own". When, in fact, it isn't. I once had a young boy (about 7-8 yrs ols) ask me long ago . . . If there was a Disneyland in America? He was shocked to learn that there are. And that in fact, Walt Disney and Mickey are indeed American.

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Wc626 - I really don't get what the problem is? Disney is popular here and I am sure the head office isn't complaining; if it did, we all know that action would be swift as they are pretty picky as to how they are marketed.

Disney doesn't have to blare out WE ARE USA WE ARE USA does it? Part of its universal appeal is that it localizes its content for the countries it has a presence in.

Would a kid growing up anywhere, be it Thailand, Japan, Korea etc who were taken to locally dubbed versions of Disney versions have any reason to think otherwise? Do parents have to sit them down and tell them how Disney is a foreign company? If they were curious, they can google that when they are older.

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Wc626: Pretty much every country in the world made their own language's lyrics to Frozen if they are not an English speaking country, just so you know. Japan can go a little above and beyond sometimes, but other nations do as well.

As for the Japanese woman who appeared with them, she was one of the voice actors in the dubbed version, and they, along with 'tarento', are usually the ones to appear with the movie's stars on the red carpet. It's not just Disney films that have dubbed versions, either, it's ALL films.

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The big deal is how japan tries so hard to make disney their "own"

I don't see Mikey Rat complaining

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Looks like a really good movie

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Watched "Descendants" with George Clooney for the first time the other night on J TV.

He was really very good, and this movie got the Nandakandamanda recommendation. Just sayin', if you haven't seen it....

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@nandakandamanda, is that the one in Hawaii? That is a good flick indeed! it has the papigiulio stamp of approval as well. :)

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Not a Clooney fan. He's trying to be the 21st Century Cary Grant or something and he fails miserably at it. I will, say, however, that his wife is beautiful and talented and I wish them many years of happiness and bliss....

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