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Lovely Golden flowers for a truly splendid Golden Week.

For those still on holiday, remain watchful over the wee ones.

Wishing safe journeys, a renewed love for your families and peace to all who come here.

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Absolutely adorable that little hat wandering ahead of mum in a brilliant sea of yellow. Children are our precious treasures.

Also wishing for everyone’s peace from neighbors across the sea to across the world!

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Well as pretty as they are, I can't stop thinking a week or two ago they could have been picked and eaten as nanohana (菜の花).

Yes this is the same plant that is so delicious but expensive, at this stage it is called Aburana (油菜).

Canola is not the plant or flower name.

Canola is used for the oil produced and is derived from Canada and oil because rapeseed oil didn't sound very good.

The plant is the rapeseed plant and rapeseed blossom.

Now I am hungry.

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Nice bias, people enjoying a walk through them, while at other places they become rare and people beat each other for the last bottle of oil in front of the supermarket shelves.

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Just don’t let your dog near them, they can cause serious injury and illness in dogs including death. Vets annually warn about this in the UK.

Otherwise yes a field of Rape in the sunshine is a beautiful sight, (canola is a product name for rapeseed oil). Though it’s pollen can be quite aggressive for anyone susceptible.

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