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Many years ago I was told a story about Hiroshima from a young Korean woman. She lived with her family in Korea during World War II, while her father was a laborer in Japan. He was in Hiroshima at the time of the A bomb blast.

For a long time, the young woman and her family knew nothing about the fate of her father. Months after the war ended, he came back home. He arrived late at night, after everyone was asleep. He came in and went to sleep without waking anyone. In the morning they found that he was not only alive, but back home. It was a good moment.

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Atomic Neko !!..

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I found a box of baby cats in the sun last week and no one would take them, they weren't even weaned. I didn't know what the heck to do with them, so I took them to my local shrine where they have a whole bunch of cats and left them with a reluctant orange pant employee. Word on the street came back that the local foreigner was dumping cats, jeez you try and do a good thing. It's the second time since living here I have found abandoned kittens, I think it's kind of a problem.

That cat looks pretty healthy though.

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