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Cat nap


Cats sleep on a street sign in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district on Sunday.

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A heartwarming nap!

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Adotable - I'm a cat lover . . . .This is precious

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This is an appalling situation. Please do not promote it! This guy drugs these cats, places them on the sign so as to attract attention from women. It is sick, sick, sick. There is nothing at all cute about these poor animals in this situation.

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two happy necko enjoying the sun

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Beautiful! Lucky photographer.

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Love the kitty pictures I see here sometimes. Keep them coming.

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so this guy goes round with flea ridden stray cats, drugs them and chucks them onto 2m high sign posts for people to photograph http://kazurinn.jugem.jp/?eid=1092 http://nekosamurai00.blog25.fc2.com/blog-entry-224.html hmmm

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Great photo!

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FPSRussia - Beautiful! Lucky photographer.

Not at all. No luck about it. They are there for hours, not moving, too scared to fall the 2m to the ground. Please everyone, read the description. This animal abuse. Plain and simple. Not sure what is now worse, the fawning comments it is cute, or the disgusting drugging of cats for human perversion. Please stop this appalling practice. In any civilized country, this man would be arrested and put in jail. Why not in Japan, where neko are supposedly loved too?

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Who gives the cats scrunchies in Ginza?

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not sure if the cats are too scared to move as if need be they will jump down 2m, but suffice to say they could not get up by themselves. I'm sure it is animal abuse and they don't have the freedom to roam the streets, drink or eat when they want to, but then cats do like to laze around for hours in the sun (winter time). The cat station master is a good example. http://bit.ly/15o5aIJ

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It's a tough life being a cat ;)

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@cwhite: hmmm thats not cool

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At first , I simply thought they were cute. But after I read the links cwhite had posted, I understood this should be considered kind of animal abuse. Thanks for letting us know the background of this picture.

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A grown up cat has no qualms jumping from a 2m high place.

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Nice pic.. very cute :)

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I wonder if thier names are "Gin" and "Za"

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Japan SPCA's chance to safe them in exchange for donations & PR.

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gotta bring my catnip out there to wake them up!!

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I agree with you. There are some people who purposely give them drugs so that they stay at the same location such as on a bench in Shimokitazawa, chair and there on a street sign in Ginza. Cats don't go up there to sleep by themselves in fact when I saw them in Ginza before, although people touched them they didn't wake up! It is not normal or natural. That's what someone regularly does to get ppl's attention in Japan. If you like cats, should not get excited with those guys' act. かわいそうだ!

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That is so kawaii !

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Gotta admit the link makes this kind of photo seem sketchy. And from an AP photographer, no less.

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So what kind of drugs is the guy giving them? Could you cat hysterical folks be more precise?!

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http://hara19.jp/archives/11303 Hope you people see this article and understand what the guy wants to do. Just some kind of offender for pleasure. They don't go up by themselves, thrown up on even a branch, That's the fact.

CGB Spender Who cares what kind of drugs they are.

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Well CGB, if its not drugs I have only one other explanation. It takes a special kind of cat to just be able to put them up on an uncomfortable sign so high with no way to climb down and just have them go to sleep up there. And don't expect a cat to jump down 2m onto concrete. They are not completely stupid.

But finding that special sort of cat to do this trick would not be an easy hunt. So yeah, I have little doubt about the drugs. Something is not right.

Looks to me like yet another merchant scraping new lows to make a buck. There are reasons why merchants have been considered lower castes in certain societies, and its behavior like this.

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Apparently they vaccinate them, and yeah, I can see that making them sleepy and weak.

Also they don't give them water so that they won't pee. If I was in Tokyo, I would bring a stool, a bowl and some water. I would stand on the stool put the bowl up there and fill it with water. Giving cats the necessities of life....I am just a trouble-maker!

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I doubt there are drugs involved, because the cats wouldn't be able to balance on the sign if they had been given something to make them relax. I think the actions are sketchy because they're staged, then a "candid" photo is presented to the public. If you want to stage a photo using humans, knock yourself out because the humans will either cooperate or not. Pets (even cats) are trusting that you won't hurt them, but have no real way of telling you "no" short of scratching or biting you. Unless they're really in pain or annoyed, however, they'll generally let you put them where you want. It's only after you let them go that they realize that a way down on their own isn't available.

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Thanks Atezuka,thanks Shanks8532, after watching that I also think this is an animal abuse and not kawaii at all.

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Cats go where they want and would not stay posed for anyone. It is the high ground! All cats want to perch above humans to look down upon them. Only the posters in Japan Today can take a cute photo and turn it into evil.

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this is terrible. animal abuse laws are really needed in japan if they allow cats to be drugged and placed on signs for advertising.

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Steve Christian: I own two cats. They aren't even grown up yet but they jump from 2m high places without any trouble. And they want to get onto these high places. It's not like I'm putting them there. Cats naturally like to be on high places just like their larger ancestors sitting in the trees in Africa.

It seems that anyone complaining about the photo here never had any cats and doesn't even know how cats really behave.

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