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Sumo wrestlers, politicians and celebrities toss lucky beans and confectionery over people during the annual Mame-maki, a bean-throwing ceremony, at Zojoji temple in Tokyo on Wednesday, a day known in Japan as "Setsubun no Hi." The ritual, which is believed to bring good luck and drive away evil spirits, is performed annually to mark the beginning of the spring in the lunar calendar. This year, the event included an appearance by Batman, as well as local kindergarteners, who chased away demons by chanting the traditional "Demons out! Happiness in!" saying for the day. A number of visitors to the temple also dressed as demons to mark the event.

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This is legitimately the best form of product placement I think I've ever seen...! You do have to admit though, seeing such a cute bag of sweets participating in the ceremony must have been fun for the little kids in the attendance ^-^

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Showering of lucky beans and confectionery over people during Mame-maki which is intended to bring good luck and drive evil spirits away from the people , is a wonderful ceremony .All people should participate and enjoy it with full gusto.

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