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Participants show off their writing style at a New Year calligraphy contest in Tokyo on Sunday. About 3,000 calligraphers, who qualified in regional competitions throughout Japan, took part in the contest to celebrate the New Year.

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On a technical note, I would say "calligraphy style" rather than "kanji writing style", given that some are only in Hiragana. Cute pic, though.

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The beauty of calligraphy, particularly for Westerners, is that it doesn't need to be understood to be appreciated. Poems or proverbs serve as subject matter.

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I love it!

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CrazyJoe: "The beauty of calligraphy, particularly for Westerners..."

You do know that there is calligraphy with Roman characters, right?

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The beauty of calligraphy is in learning it. If I could, I would post a picture of mine, learned from a master, framed on my wall, saying 'new beginning', which is how I feel every time I fly back into the country. And what I weep about every time I leave. Calligraphy is one of Japan's most worthwhile art forms, as Bashu's interpreted poetry on a scroll hanging in my office attests. Keep it alive!

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Yes, I am aware of that. Also tradition requires the use of archaic characters roughly corresponding to Chaucerian English.

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A great effort from the younger generation love it.

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