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Teaching lesson for the school kids? A railway “safety” inspector riding on a bicycle in Crocs (no socks) and with no helmet. Surprised he’s riding with a smartphone.

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Surprised he’s not riding with a smartphone, too.

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First of all, who wears a helmet while cycling in Japan besides road bike enthusiasts?

Secondly, what's wrong with wearing crocs while cycling? I do it all the time. And yes all my toes are intact.

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who wears a helmet while cycling in Japan besides road bike enthusiasts?


Most of the public junior highs in my neck of the woods have a helmet as part of the school uniform; pupils must wear the helmet when riding a bike, going to and from school and in fact whenever they ride a bike, even at the weekend.

Not even smart, 'racer' type helmets, either; really tacky, old-fashioned, heavy metal head-boxes that cut out most sound, restrict head movement and make riding a bike anything but enjoyable.

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Well at least he's doing the ubiquitous, Migi...Hidari.... Yosh!

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