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Cherry Blossom Queens


Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama gestures to 2010 U.S. Cherry Blossom Queen Margot Pfefferle, who comes from Wisconsin, while the 2010 Japan Cherry Blossom Queen, Kanako Ono, looks on. The U.S. Cherry Blossom Queens have been visiting the prime minister every year since 1988.

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Looks like a scene from a Comic Drama where Joker is playing a main role !

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LOL is he tryign to grope her?

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I like the kimono..

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I wish the Blossom Queen were wearing a beautiful kimono instead of that non-interesting white dress.

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"Umm...pardon me , but may I ask for your advice, where do you think the Futenma Replacement Facility should be located?..........'

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Both Cherry Blossom Queens look quite nice.

Question: Isn't it about a month late for this event?

I'm sure Hatoyama enjoyed this event far more than his meetings with Okinawa and Tokunoshima and U.S. officials over Futenma.

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"Ooh, give me your gloves!"

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He's looking at her boobs.

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Nice, but that white dress totally kills it for me. At least a pink dress with a flower motif...

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Her dress looks so plain and boring when compared to the kimono -- and just how would you pronounce her last name? (Pfefferle -- I get flabbergasted just trying to think of the sound)

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Yes, Hatoyama appears to be checking out her upper proportions, but he also looks like he could be a stand in for "The Rain Man".

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@djuice at 11:50AM

. . . but he also looks like he could be a stand in for "The Rain Man".

haha, that is a very astute observation.

I agree with many comments here, the white dress suxs. It looks like a cheap (or even homemade) wedding dress. And that tiny crown on her head is just very silly, along with the evening gown long gloves. But then again, fashion sense coming from Wisconsin? It is a 'cheezy' attempt.

while the 2010 Japan Cherry Blossom Queen, Kanako Ono, looks on

Not really! Ms. Ono is looking away, grinning but probably trying not to laugh too hard at the 'Pfefferle Phasion Phail' dress.

Does the U.S. Cherry Blossom Queen come all the way to Japan to visit only the PM? I sure hope she gets to do more than that while she is in Tokyo!

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"Nice Cherry Blossoms...."

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"that white dress totally kills it for me"

You had better never get married, ha ha

"how would you pronounce her last name?"

Fay-fay-lay, of course! Maybe...

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